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The attitude towards ASICs among miners is rather ambiguous. They are noticeably more efficient than any farms based on GPUs, however, such a concentration of computing power in one hand negatively affects the decentralization of cryptocurrencies, which makes them less stable and secure. At the same time, asic miners are the only way to mine bitcoin, since the complexity of this currency already significantly exceeds the capabilities of modern GPUs. Devices from the Whatsminer line of ASICs from the Chinese brand MicroBT will be an excellent solution for people who want to mine bitcoin at home.

General characteristics of ASIC Whatsminer M31S

Asics for mining are specialized computers designed exclusively for mining cryptocurrencies. To carry out calculations, special microcircuits are used here, the performance of which is many times higher than that of graphics processors, but you have to pay for this with little versatility. ASIC models:

They are developed for one algorithm and cannot be repurposed;
are not in demand in the secondary market;
in general, they become obsolete faster than mining farms on video cards.

Whatsminer M31S is available in two versions with indexes 74T and 80T. They differ slightly in size and weight: the first model is two kilograms lighter than the second. At the same time, the layout of both devices is the same. The control board is located at the top of the case, cooling is provided by two fans on the sides, and the controls are located on the front panel. The model from MicroBT is quite compact and unpretentious, it can work equally well in a cold, hot, dry or humid room.

ASIC Whatsminer M31S is compatible with the SHA-256 algorithm, which allows you to mine bitcoins and a number of other cryptocurrencies on it, such as Crown, Litecoin Cash, Auroracoin. The manufacturer tries to make its equipment as easy to learn as possible. In most cases, it is enough to remove the ASIC from the box and plug it into the socket, after which it starts mining. The user does not have to spend time setting up and preparing the equipment for operation. In addition, MicroBT engineers have significantly improved the quality of the components used to create their latest versions of ASICs, which has had a good effect on their reliability and service life.

Features of asic miners Whatsminer M31S of different versions

The key indicator of any mining rig is its hashrate. It shows how many mathematical operations per second the equipment can perform. The more hashrate – the better, because it allows you to receive more rewards. depending on the version of Whatsminer M31S is capable of 74 or 80 terahash per second.

The second important indicator is power consumption, or the total number of watts required by the device to operate. On its basis, energy efficiency is calculated – in the case of asics, it is most often measured in joules per hash unit. Model 74T consumes 3312 watts and consumes 45 J / Th, for version 80T these figures are 3360 watts and 42 45 J / Th. The first option at the same time costs a little cheaper, so the payback for both ASICs is approximately the same.

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