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Whatsminer M31s

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Before the release of the new M50 series, MicroBT decided to maximize the performance of its previous M31S series, in the “economical” model M31S 78 TH, it achieved an energy efficiency of 42 J / H with a high hash for mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash on the SHA-256 algorithm.

Unlike all competitor series, Whatsminer M31S adheres to a compact design in a lightweight aluminum chassis with only two fans, which simultaneously makes it more compact and reduces overall noise and vibration.

Asik Whatsminer M31S 78 TH/s is made of high quality aluminum, so the design of the device is reliably protected from mechanical damage. On the sides there are special coolers in the amount of 2 pieces, which provide effective cooling, protecting the ASIC from overheating.

Asic mining M31S produces a power of 80 terahash / sec (80 TH / s), with a power consumption of 3360 W. MicroBT Whatsminer M31S 78 TH / s operates at an ambient temperature of -5 ° C to 40 ° C and has a weight of 10.5 kg.


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