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Whatsminer M30s+

$ 1 450

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MicroBT was able to achieve a top hashrate, like the flagships of the main competitor, by revising the internal architecture of the ASIC. Having retained the previous format of a single-story miner, the developers were able to squeeze out more performance from Samsung’s 8-nm chips due to accelerated cooling and heat removal from working components.

Pushminer works with clients all over Russia, we will send a securely packed ASIC to any city of a proven shopping mall. Mine where the premises are more profitable and the cost of electricity is cheaper.

Why buy a new ASIC M30S +?

Almost 100 terahashes are the top specifications among all equipment manufacturers, the latest engineering achievement in the field of mining technology.
Each new M30C + miner is accompanied by a six-month warranty, which is valid from the date of issue of the equipment. To get the most recent model, you should take advantage of the pre-order from China directly from the factory.

Less chance of breakage, in the case of buying buoys, you can never know for 100% in what conditions the miner was operated, and whether the required temperature conditions and air purity were observed.