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Whatsminer M30s

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Whatsminer introduced the latest generation of Whatsminer M30S ashiks. With the help of this machine you can mine the digital currency Bitcoin. Let’s look at its features, characteristics and profitability.

This model Whatsminer M30S is simple to set up and start, and then the process of mining begins. Therefore, even beginners in this field can easily connect the machine and start generating income. Also, the main advantage can be considered an advantageous ratio of hash rate and energy consumption, which allows the machine to be profitable even if the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies falls.

Whatsminer M30S-82T miner weighs 11.5 kg, and its structural dimensions are 390*155*240 mm. The appearance is very similar to the previous model M20S-68T, but the new miner has a number of improvements and advantages. The power supply has been replaced with a more compact, flat shaped one, which allowed to reduce the weight by 900 grams and the height by 15 mm. The case and main structural elements are made of high-strength and lightweight aluminum alloys, coated with thermally conductive silicone grease.

The case is marked with the manufacturer’s logo and on the other side there are safety warnings.

The Miner is cooled by two built-in fans with protective covers. The miner is controlled via an H3 board with a connection to the hash board via an adapter board cable. Whatsminer M30S-82T has 3 built-in hash boards, each with 148 Samsung 8nm ASIC chips, a total of 444 chips are used.