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Whatsminer M30s+

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MicroBT was able to achieve the top hash rate, like the flagships of the main competitor, by revising the internal architecture of the ashik. Keeping the former single-storey miner format, the developers were able to squeeze more performance out of Samsung’s 8nm chips due to accelerated cooling and heat removal from the working components.

Pushminer works with clients all over Russia, we’ll send a securely packed asic to any city by a trusted TK. Shop wherever there’s a better deal on facilities and cheaper electricity costs.

Why buy new M30S+ asicic?

Almost 100 terraches – this is the top performance among all equipment manufacturers, the latest engineering achievement in the field of mining equipment.
Each new M30S+ miner is accompanied by a six-month warranty, which is valid from the date of release of the equipment. To get the freshest model possible, it’s worth taking a pre-order from China directly from the factory.

Less chance of breakage, in case of buying a buu ashik you can never know 100% in what conditions the miner was exploited, and whether the mandatory temperature conditions and air purity were observed or not.