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Asiku Whatsminer M21S – there is something to be proud of. It is a direct continuation of the M21 series, which at one time was sold out in just a minute. Less than half a year has passed, and Whatsminer introduced not just an improved, but twice as productive version with a hash of 56TH / s version – asic M21S.
As before, the “chip” of the M-line is energy efficiency. Here, new heights have been reached, in the standard performance mode, the energy efficiency is 60W/T, and with energy saving and a performance of 30 teraheshs, the cost/performance ratio is 50W/T.

Miners manufactured by MicroBT have been different from analogues for several years in that they retain their profitability and relevance for several years. For example, Whatsminer M3, released back in January 2018, brought in a good income, right up to the recent Bitcoin halving. For asics, such terms are an extremely high indicator. At the same time, you can buy MicroBT asics at a fairly liberal price.
Since the release of the M3, the manufacturer has significantly increased the power and energy efficiency of processors. Whatsminer M21s, the flagship that was released in August 2019, also did not disappoint the expectations of cryptocurrency miners who pre-ordered it.

Compared to the Whatsminer M3, the computing power of the new device has grown almost 5 times (from 11.5 Ths to 56 Ths). At the same time, energy consumption increased by less than 2 times (from 1800 Wh to 3360 Wh). The energy efficiency of the ASIC is approximately 60 WTh. Yes, other models were released for this, for example, Whatsminer M10 and Whatsminer M30, but their number was strictly limited, so their use was not widespread.

The appearance of the device has not changed much compared to previous models. All the same aluminum case, 2 powerful coolers and an external power supply, which is mounted on top.

The PSU power is 3300 W, and it operates at a voltage of 176-264 V. These characteristics ensure optimal performance and durability of the device. The average operating temperature of the ASIC is 35°C.

Whatsminer M21s works with the SHA-256 algorithm to mine bitcoin and its forks. The ASIC has a factory firmware that allows it to consistently deliver power of 56 Ths. Any other firmware is quite difficult to find from third-party developers and it is not recommended to use them, otherwise the device may quickly become unusable,

The noise level in working condition exceeds 75 dB, and when debugging the ASIC, it can reach significantly higher rates. This makes the device unsuitable for use in residential areas, since even in its normal state, the sound emitted by the miner is comparable to the sound of a blender being turned on.


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