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Whatsminer M21s

$ 810



Consumption, kW/h


Power usage

3360, 3400


WhatsMiner M20S is a SHA-256 (Bitcoin) ASIC miner using 12nm ASIC chip technology manufactured in China by Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd, also known as MicroBT

This is a standalone miner with a built-in controller board and a built-in power supply.

This ASIC M20S has very few competitors, of course, because it produces almost 70 TH per second at standard sizes! Now only the high-performance versions of the S17 in the Pro line are approaching such indicators.

The operation of the asic Whatsminer M20S is based on 10nm chips, giving higher speed with lower power consumption. The design implies a built-in power supply from the manufacturer, which is also subject to protection under warranty.

Asik Whatsminer M20s 68 TH/s is made of high quality aluminum, so the design of the device is reliably protected from mechanical damage. On the sides there are special coolers in the amount of 2 pieces, which provide effective cooling, protecting the ASIC from overheating.

Asic mining M20s produces a power of 65 terahash / sec (68 TH / s), with a power consumption of 3120 W. MicroBT Whatsminer M20s 68 TH / s operates at an ambient temperature of -5 ° C to 40 ° C and has a weight of 12.5 kg.


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